Protected pensions and retirement security for millions of workers
  • President Joe Biden saved our multi-employer pension plans - plans that LIUNA members and their families depend on for their retirement security.

  • He fought alongside Democrats in Congress and passed legislation that shored up distressed public and private pension funds.

  • Without President Biden's efforts, LIUNA retirees could have lost their benefits as insolvent plans bankrupted the pension system.

Protect and increase Social Security benefits for those retirees most in need
  • President Joe Biden will put Social Security on a path to long term solvency by asking Americans with income over $400,000 annually to pay the same taxes, which middle-class families pay.

  • Biden will never play politics with funding for the Social Security Benefits.

Protect and strengthen Medicare to ensure quality health care for older Americans
  • President Joe Biden will protect Medicare, including expanding eligibility to Americans who are 55 and older and ensuring there is no disruption in the program.

  • Biden plans to help Americans pay for long-term care by creating a tax credit for informal caregivers and backs legislation that will help caregivers get the support they need as they care for loved ones suffering from chronic conditions.