President Biden and Vice President Harris Delivered for LIUNA

"Biden runs on a record of creating hundreds of thousands of infrastructure jobs with family-supporting wages, pension relief for union members and their families, a historic update to strengthen Davis-Bacon prevailing wages, protecting federal workers’ union rights, raising service contract workers’ wages, and protecting Mail Handlers jobs through postal reform."

Brent Booker, LIUNA General President

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor, Local 1098, Saginaw, Michigan

I am proud to be a LIUNA member who enjoys hunting and fishing. I know Biden will protect my rights.

Sonia Vasquez Luna
Sonia Vasquez Luna, Public Service Employees Local 572

President Biden understands the needs of workers. Reelecting Biden means workers’ rights will be protected.

Wayne Richardson
Wayne Richardson, Local 55, Essex County, New Jersey

President Biden is the most union friendly President in my lifetime. So, President Biden, thank you for creating pathways out of poverty.

Brian Neely
Brian Neely, Local 423, New Albany, Ohio

We're building the semi-conductor factory for Intel. Without having this place here, we’d be shipping this stuff over to China. It’s nice to be building something here to help out our state and our country.

Nestor Morales
Nestor Morales, Local 242, Des Moines, Washington

I am proud to fight for Joe's re-election because he is a real champion for LIUNA members and working men and women.

Kelvin Rodgers
Kelvin Rodgers, Local 110, St. Louis, Missouri

Biden invested in my community—creating good union jobs. I am voting for Biden-Harris for 2024.

Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez, Local 113, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I support President Joe Biden for re-election because he is the most pro-union President our country has ever seen!

Corey Prentice
Corey Prentice, Local 79, Newburgh, NY

I support President Joe Biden because he is the President for the working and middle-class. He invests in infrastructure and he fights for better wages and he promotes American goods.

Omar Tamayo
Omar Tamayo, Local 330, Wisconsin

I am working on the Springfield Solar Project in Lomira, Wisconsin. The Inflation Reduction Act has allowed us to work on more projects like this.

Emanuel Mitchell, Local 99, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Biden is the most pro-union President I have ever known. He is the BEST choice for America."

Thanks to the Biden-Harris White House LIUNA members are winning new job opportunities:

  • Willow Pipeline Project, AK

  •  Intel Plant, New Albany, OH

  •  Gold Star Memorial Bridge, CT

  •  Paris Solar Project, WI

  •  Raleigh Durham Airport Reconstruction, NC

  •  Route 20 Passaic County Resurfacing Improvements, NJ

  •  Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant, San Luis Obispo County, CA

  •  Cedar Rapids Airport Improvement