Historic Investments with Union Standards

  • Roads, Bridges, Airports, Rail, and Transit Biden investments have put LIUNA members in every state to work building more roads, bridges, airports, bus stations, EV stations, and transit systems.

  • Safe Drinking Water Biden’s aggressive plan to clean our drinking water has put LIUNA members to work in New Jersey, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut, and Wisconsin.

  • Broadband LIUNA members are winning new projects building out broadband infrastructure because of Biden-Harris investments. 

  • Solar and Wind Projects LIUNA members have more jobs in the renewable sector than in the history of this union because President Biden is investing in energy and insisting it go union. LIUNA members are helping build wind and solar projects in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, California, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. 

  • Oil and Gas The Biden-Harris Administration approved major pipelines, which put LIUNA members to work — the Willow Pipeline in Alaska and the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Virginia. LIUNA members are also benefiting from drilling projects on federal land and on oil well remediation projects because of Biden’s commitment to creating good union jobs. 

  • Chips and Manufacturing Plants Biden-Harris policies have spurred construction of semiconductor plants with federal incentives that require strong labor standards. These policies have helped LIUNA members get work building plants across the nation including Ford’s Blue Oval City in Tennessee, the Intel Semiconductor Plant in Ohio, the Micron Plant in New York, and the Ultium Cells Plant in Michigan.

New and Upcoming Job Opportunities Thanks to the Biden-Harris Agenda