Biden: Biden won historic investment in our infrastructure through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Inflation Reduction Act, and CHIPS and Science Act. In a second term, he will continue to ensure the investment creates good union jobs.

Trump: Trump promised infrastructure investment and even declared, "Infrastructure Week," a number of times but never got it to the finish line. He also had no plans to improve labor standards and has pledged to undo some of Biden's jobs-creating infrastructure investments in a second term.

Prevailing Wages 

Biden: President Biden updated and strengthened prevailing wages. His Administration expanded prevailing wage requirements to energy project tax credits—creating hundreds of thousands of more QUALITY job opportunities in the renewable energy industry.

Trump: Many Trump appointees prevented millions of workers from receiving overtime pay by not defending the 2016 overtime rule, instead finalizing their own, weaker overtime rule in September 2019. Prevailing wages could face the same fate.

Union Apprenticeships

Biden: The Biden Administration has made union apprenticeships a centerpiece of all federal investments in construction. If the federal government invests in a project, President Biden will ensure it creates good quality union jobs with opportunities for apprentices.

Trump: The Trump Administration authorized the Department of Labor to expand company-run apprenticeships, which undermine union registered apprenticeship programs. LIUNA members and building trades men and women pushed back on this plan and it was completely reversed by President Biden.

Union Rights

Biden: The Biden Administration would continue to protect and expand union rights. Biden appointed union- and worker-friendly officials to federal agencies and the National Labor Relation Board, which has helped more workers in one year of the Biden Administration than it did during all four years of the Trump administration. 

Trump: Trump would reinstate his anti-union policies and appoint union busters to key positions. While President, the Trump NLRB aggressively undermined workers' rights and made an unprecedented number of rulemakings aimed at overturning existing worker protections.

Health Care 

Biden: President Biden has pledged to lower ACA health care premiums permanently and close the Medicaid coverage gap for Americans 55 and older.

Trump: Donald Trump is again pledging to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would increase costs for millions of Americans and allow insurance companies to deny coverage for people with preexisting conditions.

Prescription Drugs 

Biden: Biden lowered healthcare costs and the prices of prescription drugs for seniors, capped insulin at $35 per month for seniors. In a second term, Biden would lower prescription drug costs for all Americans.

Trump: Trump’s appointees and allies in Congress would repeal President Biden’s drug negotiation legislation and $35 a month Medicare insulin cap.

Affordable Housing 

Biden: President Biden proposed a plan that would lower housing costs for renters and homebuyers and expand access to quality, affordable housing—calling on Congress to support the construction of 2 million additional homes, lower costs for renters, and unlock the housing market for first time homebuyers and families seeking to trade up or downsize.

Trump: Trump and his allies plan to cut federal assistance that will increase the cost of purchasing a home for millions of Americans. While in office, Trump's budget called for cuts to renters assistance, canceling housing vouchers for needy Americans, and cuts to public housing repairs.

Social Security and Medicare

Biden: Biden has pledged to stop any attacks on Social Security and Medicare and he will work with Congress to strengthen the financial security of the programs.

Trump: Trump said that he will both cut Social Security and Medicare and not cut it. However, as President, Trump proposed substantial spending cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid in every single one of his budgets.